Launch Documents and Templates Manager and select Manage Documents and Templates command from drop down menu.

Documents and Templates Manager presents you all type of documents, templates, forms that you use in YAPI. Public documents and forms are located on Public tab.

Click Get button to retrieve all available public forms and documents. Forms and documents that are already installed will have a green check box at the left of the form/document name.

To install the form, left-click on the name and select Instal locally option. When installation finishes you will see green check box indicating that the form was installed and is ready for use.

To view the form, left-click on the name and select View.  YAPI will launch the browser showing you the form.

Once form is installed YAPI creates a URL – a direct Internet link –  to your document. You will need to put this link onto your website. To get the link, left-click on the form and select Copy public link to this document to Clipboard option

The link will look similar to this

Save the link. You will need to post it on your website or email it to your patients.

If you’ haven’t uploaded your logo yet then do it now. Here is how.

If you need more customization please let us know.

When form comes back to your practice, YAPI will broadcast a message.

To get recent forms , click Patients button on YAPI toolbar and select Document Queue.

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