Download YAPI updates from https:/ Usually you need to download two zip files: Service update and Workstation update. Store files on your computer hard drive. Do not unzip.

Launch YAPI Service Manager. Typically YAPI Service Manager resides on the server  that runs your PMS database.

Shutdown YAPI Service and click Install Update button.

Select or file and click Open button.

When you update YAPI Service, you will see the following message that indicates completion of the update.  Some files may not get updated since were in use like YAPIManager.exe below. Typically this isn’t a problem since Service Manager will complete update process during the housekeeping routine.

When you run YAPI workstation update you will see the following message that indicates that upgrade will occur when YAPI workstation starts next time.

When you start YAPI after updates were installed on the server, you will see the following message.

Click Ok button; YAPI will download the update and restart

To update PMS Plugin – software bridge between YAPI and your PMS, Click Install Plugin. Typically you then select Yes to download PMS Plugin from our website.

Select PMS Plugin from the list. Click Download to proceed with the download and installation

At the end you will see the message from the plugin that installation has finished.

If PMS plugin requires setting adjustments it may show you additional forms. Just follow on-screen instructions.

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