Once launched on your iPad YAPI should locate YAPI service on your network. In some cases when your wireless network (WLAN) is separated from your wired network  (LAN) or when you access YAPI remotely YAPI will fail showing you the following error message

Some changes in configuration are required.

To configure, tap on Configuration tab

The following configuration parameters are important

YAPI Service IP Address

Leave this parameter blank to let YAPI on iPad automatically find YAPI Service on your network.

Otherwise if your wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) networks are separated using some kind of firewall, security appliance, etc you will need to specify IP address of the computer that runs YAPI Service.

To find YAPI Service IP address, run YAPI on any desktop, put mouse pointer over the help button. You will see Service IP address on the second line after @ symbol.

Copy this address to YAPI Service IP Address field. Push your iPad’s Home button –  the small, circular button decorated with a small box and located at the bottom of the iPad – to restart YAPI.

If you access your office remotely via VPN you will need to set Service IP address as well.

Require Wi-Fi

Set this parameter to On unless you are on cellular data network and accessing your office remotely via VPN.

Device Name

By default, this is the same name as the name of your device set in General section of iPad Configuration. It makes sense to keep this name unique and short

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