Warnning: If you are installing update on top of beta it is recommended to remove beta before installing YAPI from AppStore. To remove previously installed version hold your finger on YAPI icon on Home Screen till all icons begin to shake.Click the “X” in the upper left hand corner of YAPI icon. When prompted, touch Delete.

When we update App Store with the new version of YAPI Mobile all iPads with YAPI installed will receive update notification that will popup  even if YAPI is not running. Note that this notification comes only if YAPI has Push Notifications enabled.

If you are not getting Update Notifications please check here.

How long YAPI notification will stay in iPad Notification Center depends on your iPad settings. To open Notification Center swipe down from anywhere at the very top of the page (on the bezel of the iPad) to read the message.

Additionally YAPI icon on Home Screen will add a badge indicating that a message is waiting. This badge will stay till you open YAPI.

When you open YAPI it will pop the following message to remind you about the update

Tapping on Get It will launch AppStore with YAPI page on it.

Note that if you are running beta distributed OTA (Over-The-Air) you won’t get update notifications. In this case, to check for update tap on Configuration tab, scroll down to Beta section and push blue button to get new version.

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