YAPI allows you to maintain Opt-Out Email and Mobile Text lists. Patients on the list won’t get automatic emails or text messages from your office. Please note that, by default, all patients with valid emails and/or mobile phone numbers in your PMS are treated as opted in.

To add a patient to Opt-Out list, left-click patient’s avatar and select CommunicateSet Communication Options.

When the patient is not in the office, use Search Patient

When found, select the patient with the left mouse button down and choose Set Communication Options

Communication Options setup screen has two check-boxes on the right allowing you to add a patient to Opt-Out List (Enable Communication is off)  or to remove a patient from the list (Enable Communication is on)

YAPI provides you with simple interface allowing you to browse and to remove patients from Opt-Out lists. Click Setup button and select Manage Opt-out Lists

To remove a patient from the list, check the box to the left of the patient’s name and click Remove button.

In accordance with industry standards, YAPI automatically recognizes patients’ opt-out requests in incoming mobile messages. When YAPI sees stop , quit, or unsubscribe (not case sensitive) in incoming message the mobile number is added to Opt-out list. Please make sure that Cloud Telephony tab in Global Setup has this option enabled.


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