If running YAPI Service interferes with your Practice Management System database daily maintenance, you will need to bring YAPI Service down for PMS database maintenance. Typically you use Windows Scheduler to stop and start YAPI Service  at given times.

You will need to schedule the following two commands:

net.exe start “YAPI Service”

to start YAPI Service and

net.exe stop “YAPI Service”

to stop YAPI Service.

To launch Windows Schedule, click Start Schedule button located on YAPI Service Manager App.

The following set of screens will walk you through the process of creating a task in Windows 2008 Scheduler. Other versions of Windows may have a slightly different look and feel of Scheduler screens. Please consult Windows Server documentation for more details.

You will need to create two tasks. Each task has a name, description, a trigger – an event that causes the scheduled action to occur, and an action – an application that controls the state of Windows service.

To start, right click on Task Schedule and select Create Task item.

On General Tab, enter task Name and optional description. Make sure that you selected Run whether user is logged on or not. On Windows 2008, you may choose to check Do not store password check-box since the scheduled task will not require access to any  resources,

Click Ok to finish creation of a task. Move to Trigger tab. Click New button at the bottom to create new Trigger.

Select Daily and choose the start time.

Typically when creating a task to shutdown YAPI Service you choose the time between YAPI Housekeeping (usually at 9 pm) and PMS Maintenance time (usually at midnight).  Please make sure that you give YAPI Service enough time (at least 30 minutes) to run housekeeping routines that includes sending appointment reminders, birthday cards, generating reports,  and YAPI  database backup.

Also make sure that you start YAPI Service before your day starts.

Click Ok to finish with the Trigger.

Finally, go to Actions Tab, click New to create new Action

Select Start a program, type net.exe in Program box and stop “YAPI Service” in Arguments box.

Click Ok button to save new Action.

Save newly created task by clicking Ok button. Windows will prompt you to provide an account information that will be used to run your task. Select Administrative account.

It is always a good idea to test created task. Select Run and watch YAPI Service shutting down.

Repeat same steps creating a task that will start YAPI Service in the morning.

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