To display all incoming mobile text messages and other patient messages (Facebook, Website, etc) on YAPI Dashboard when they arrive, select Receive mobile text and patient communication check box in Local Configuration. textshow

To access older text messages that are no longer on YAPI Dashboard, visit Mobile Message Log: open Send Mobile Text window and click Show Log


Mobile Text Message Log contains 5 days of text messages.


Click on the phone number in the left column to reply or to review patient information.

Mobile messages that arrive after hours will turn on Message Waiting Indicator on YAPI Dashboard. Note that you will need to visit CT tab in Global Configuration to turn this feature on.


When you arrive in the morning and see Message Waiting Indicator on YAPI Dashboard , please click on the blinking bulb to review messages. Message Waiting Indicator will go away once messages where reviewed.

Finally, you can forward messages that arrive after hours to any mobile phone or email: visit Cloud Telephony (CT) tab in Global Configuration and set Text Forward After-Hours app parameters.


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