Health care providers must give HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) to their patients at the first service encounter and every time NPP text is changed and collect an acknowledgement of receipt of such notice.

YAPI provides Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement form that helps to collect acknowledgement of receipt of the notice.

The patient displays NPP by simply touching View Notice of Privacy Practice button on the top.

Before you start using this form you need to create your own NPP. You can simply start with a template that comes with YAPI.

Go to Setup and Manage – Manage Documents and Templates. On Forms tab, select HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and click Edit button.

Update the form if necessary, then save it.

Switch to Recurring tab, Click New button to create new recurring document. Enter name, select Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement,  tick Once till updated option.


Click Ok to save.

If you change NPP later you will need to inform YAPI that the document has been changed. Simply return to Recurring Documents, select HIPAA, and click Edit. You don’t need to change anything – simply click Ok.

YAPI will acknowledge that the document is marked updated so all patients will be required to sign Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement again.

When the patient checks-in, pending documents are displayed as a patient alert on the  Dashboard

or Mobile Dashboard

To access pending documents, find a patient on Dashboard, invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon (more on gestures here), select Sign Document option.

If the patient has more that one pending document YAPI will display the list of documents. From this point on, let the patient to finish the task.

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