OpenDental integration module installs several OD specific forms. Unlike YAPI generic forms, those forms are tailored to fit tightly into OD data model and workflow. In other words, those forms collect data that OpenDental is looking for allowing update OD database with just few mouse clicks and without leaving YAPI.

This article provides step by step instructions on how to use Medical History Update Form and how to transfer collected data to OpenDental database.

Find a patient on Dashboard, invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon (more on gestures here), select Sign Document option.

Shortcut: swipe left or right inside patient’s operatory or area.

Select Medical History Update Od form


Once the form is presented let your patient have the iPad to continue with the form.

You can abandon form and return back to form selection by tapping Forms and Documents button at the top left corner.odmc9

Medical History Update form has three pages. The patient navigates from one page to another by tapping Next or Back orange buttons at the bottom of each page or simply swiping left or right with a finger. Note that YAPI won’t allow moving to the next page if the current page is not complete or contains erroneous data.  Data fields and controls that require patient’s input or selection are highlighted  with yellow.


The first page contains non-editable patient’s first and last name and the list of Medical Conditions known in OpenDental as Medical Problems. YAPI fills Medical Conditions based on the patient’s data in OpenDental. Patient should verify whether all appropriate boxes are checked and tap I checked all that apply button at the bottom before leaving the page


If OpenDental recognizes more than 64 conditions the list will be larger than the page and the patient is required to scroll list down till the end of the list before leaving the page. The following error message will alert the patient it not all medical conditions were visible.


Let’s assume that the patient selected new condition – Rheumatism , confirmed that he/she checked all that apply conditions, and moved to the next page.


Form’s second page allows patient to enter his/her health conditions that were not in OpenDental yet, answer several questions, and enter allergies and medications. Note that YAPI fills all fields based on information available in OpenDental.


YAPI lists ten common dental allergens allowing to list more in Other field. Normally, Other field contains comma separated list of allergies/allergens that are not included on common allergens list. All allergy fields are prefilled with patient current allergies.

YAPI allows up to ten entries for medications. In the unlikely event  when  more than ten entries are required, patient should enter several medications in one field. All medication fields will prefill with patient’s current medications.

Let’s assume that the patient added new allergy – Tetracycline, new medication – Norco, and moved to the last page.


The last page contains few more questions, a free form comment field, and the signature box. Patient should finish required fields, sign at the bottom, and tap Save button.

If the patient misses the signature field or the signature doesn’t contain enough “ink”, an error message will popup and the signature field will wiggle.


Once form is submitted it will show up on the Dashboard. Note that the Virtual Document Folder’s icon will change to  documentalert2 indicating that the folder has a document that contains patient’s data (more on Virtual Document Folder icon).


The next step would be to open newly created document, review data, update OpenDental, and move signed document to Images. Note that YAPI will automatically reflect all changes.

On the Desktop, select Virtual Document Folder with the right mouse button down to open folder’s context menu and select Show Documents.  Alternatively, you can click on the area’s toolbar button.


Document Viewer will show up. Note that document’s entry at the left will have +Data indicating that the document contains patient’s data.

Select  the document at the left with the right mouse button down, then select View Data from context menu.


Data Viewer presents Medical Problems, Allergies, and Medications allowing you to check selections made by the patient.

Resting mouse pointer on top of each section presents a bubble that lists all selected items. Please note Rheumatism in Medical Problems section which was added by the patient,


as well as Tetracycline allergy


and Norco


Please make sure that there is no data in “not listed above” sections. In case there is a “not listed above” item, search associated lists and select appropriate conditions, allergies, or medications, and clear “not listed above” section.

To import patient’s data into OpenDental, click Import button. Preview window will show up. The current information for the patient will show in the left sections while the information that patient entered on the form will show at the right. If there were any changes, YAPI will highlight those.


Click Import button to proceed.

Next, send signed document to Images.


Later you can open patient’s Medical History to confirm that patient’s record was updated successfully.


And Images contains signed document.


When YAPI fails to map medical condition, allergy, medication entered by the patient on the form to those in OpenDental it will present them in “not listed above” sections. You will need to pick appropriate values from the lists above.

For example, if the patient typed “Eating disorder” in Health conditions not listed field


and Open Dental doesn’t have such a Medical Problem, you will see “Eating disorder” in Medical problems not listed above section in red. If you click import, YAPI will present you an error.


One option would be to select a value from the Medical Problems list , clear Medical problems not listed above field,


and continue with the import.


This works well in a case the patient misspelled allergy, medication, or was not able to find medical problem on the form.

Alternatively, you can switch to OpenDental, add missing medical problem, allergy, or medication to OpenDental, return back to YAPI, click Reload from OD button.


Now you can select correct value from the list and continue with the import.

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