OpenDental integration module installs several OD specific forms. Unlike YAPI generic forms, those forms are tailored to fit tightly into OD data model and workflow. In other words, those forms collect data that OpenDental is looking for allowing update OD database with just few mouse clicks and without leaving YAPI.

This article provides step by step instructions on how to use Patient Information Update Form and how to transfer collected data to OpenDental database.

Find a patient on Dashboard, invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon (more on gestures here), select Sign Document option.

Shortcut: swipe left or right inside patient’s operatory or area.

Select Patient Information Update OD form


Once the form is presented let your patient have the iPad to continue with the form.

Patient Information Update form has a single page. Once the patient is done with the form she/he taps Save button found at the bottom of the form. Note that YAPI won’t allow saving the form if the form is not complete or contains erroneous data.  Data fields and controls that require patient’s input or selection are highlighted  with yellow.


When the patient touches the field to change its content YAPI opens the onscreen keyboard. YAPI automatically selects the keyboard style (numeric, alphanumeric, optimized for email, etc) that matches expected field type, applies auto-format when possible (phone, SSN), and validates input.

When possible, YAPI presents a selection list rather that a keyboard. This helps to eliminate errors associated with the typing and speeds up validation. Here are examples of selection lists:






Patient should finish all required fields, sign at the bottom, and tap Save button.

If the patient misses the signature field or the signature doesn’t contain enough “ink”, an error message will popup and the signature field will wiggle.


Once form is submitted it will show up on the Dashboard. Note that the Virtual Document Folder’s icon will change to  documentalert2 indicating that the folder has a document that contains patient’s data (more on Virtual Document Folder icon).

The next step would be to open newly created document, review data, update OpenDental, and move signed document to Images. Note that YAPI will automatically reflect all changes. For example, if an email was added to the patient’s record, No Email alert in YAPI will go away.

On the Desktop, select Virtual Document Folder with the right mouse button down to open folder’s context menu and select Show Documents.  Alternatively, you can click on the area’s toolbar button.


Document Viewer will show up. Note that document’s entry at the left will have +Data indicating that the document contains patient’s data.

Select  the document at the left with the right mouse button down, then select View Data from context menu.


Data Viewer presents all the data from the form. Fields in yellow are those that were changed by the patients.


Verify all new entries, click Import button to continue.

If you selected Send to Images check-box on the previous screen, YAPI will prompt you for the location of the document in OpenDental Images and a short note. Note that Type list contains Image Categories used in OpenDental.


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