In order to share YAPI installations between different users on a single PC you need to  share entire YAPI folder where YAPIRuntine.exe resides.

Typically, YAPI folder is in C:/Users/<user-account>/AppData/Local/Practical Dental Solutions folder where <user-account> is the account name of the user that installs YAPI. On Windows XP, YAPI folder is in C:\Documents and Settings\<user-account>\Local Settings\Application Data\Practical Dental Solutions folder.

To locate YAPI folder, simply right-click on YAPI shortcut on the desktop and select Open file location.


Select Practical Dental Solutions folder in the address bar, select YAPI folder with the mouse right button down, select Share with item, then select Specific people to open File Sharing window.


Select Everyone from the drop-down box and


apply Read-Write permission level, and click Share button.


The following screen confirms that the folder is shared.


Now switch users and log-in as a user that wants to have access to YAPI.

Navigate to YAPI folder. Make sure that you have Show hidden files,folders, or drives option enabled otherwise you won’t be able to see YAPI folder. If you don’t have this option enabled and don’t know how, please follow this link.


Find YAPIRuntime.exe and create a shortcut on the desktop: select YAPIRuntime.exe file with the right mouse down, drag and drop file onto the Desktop, select Create Shortcuts Here option.


Finally, rename shortcut.


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