YAPI enables using of an iPad to present any document created in your PMS. Further, a document could be signed and stored back into your PMS Document Center.

Let’s assume that you want to review treatment plan with your patient and have patient sign it. Finally you would like to store signed document in your PMS Document Center.

In Patterson Eaglesoft, for example, you click the Presentation button while viewing the treatment plan. The plan is ready to be printed. Click Print button


and select YAPI Writer. Click Ok button.


When Eaglesoft finishes printing, YAPI will present the following window allowing you to select what to do with the document.


You, typically, choose  Move to option and select the patient name from the list of patients currently in your office. If the patient is not in the office yet, you will choose Add to Document Queue option (see below).

To indicate that the patient got new document YAPI shows documentalertnewdoc icon in patient’s alert area (more on Virtual Document Folder icon).


To view the document select Virtual Document Folder with the right mouse button down to open folder’s context menu and select Show Documents.  Alternatively, you can click on the area’s toolbar button documentalert.


Select the document on the left.


Once the document is in patient’s document folder, you can view it on iPad: find a patient on Dashboard, invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon (more on gestures here), select View Documents option.


YAPI will display Virtual Document Folder content


Invoke document’s menu – tap and hold on a document image, select Open option.


YAPI will present the document allowing the patient to view, scroll, zoom, and, finally, to sign. Patient taps Save button when done.


You can move signed document to your PMS’ Document Center: invoke document’s menu  and select Send to SmartDoc option. Note that the name of this option depends on your PMS. For example, with Dentrix, this option will be Send to Document Center.


YAPI will present you with the list of document categories configured in your PMS. Select the category, type short description, and tap Send button.


As we mentioned above, you can store documents ahead of time to be reviewed and signed  later when patients arrive.  YAPI stores documents in Document Queue. When  the patient arrives YAPI moves patient’s documents from the queue to patient’s Virtual Document Folder

To store a document in Document Queue, select Add to Document Queue option.


YAPI presents a window asking for the document type and the patient’s name.  Click Add button to finish.


Note that you will need to type patient’s first and last name. If you misspell patient’s name YAPI won’t be able to match documents with arriving patients. To avoid this problem, select the patient prior to printing.

You can select a patient from Huddle screen (left click on the patient’s name and select Remember this patient option)


or from Search screen (select the patient with the right mouse button down and select Remember this patient option)


If you have a patient selected prior to printing, Add To Document Queue screen will have a small icon user allowing you to pickup previously selected patient.


To view Document Queue, click Patients button, then select Document Queue.


Document Queue lists all available documents allowing you manage them.


When a patient arrives and a document is available in the queue, YAPI automatically moves pending document to patient’s Virual Document Folder. Note that the patient’s state becomes not ready for treatment (avatar is gray).


At this point, pending document is available for viewing and signing on PC and on iPad.


Note that YAPI can handle pretty much any printable document allowing you to add signatures, annotations, merge additional pages. Here is how signed Dentrix Treatment Plan looks on iPad


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