Document packages provide a convenient way to bundle together several documents while presenting those documents on iPad.

To create or update a package, click Setup and Manage toolstrip button, and select Manage Documents and Templates option.


Select Packages tab. To create a new package, click New button on the right.


Enter new package name, select new package content from the list of forms and documents currently available on your system (left panel). Move documents to or from the package one by one by selecting a document from the left or right panel, then click < or > button.

When finish, click Ok button.


You can always come back and update package content: select package on the left, then click Edit button.

The checkbox on the left toggles package’s visibility: packages with no checkbox won’t be seen on iPad.


To select a package for signing, invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon (more on gestures here), select Sign Document option.

Shortcut: swipe left or right inside patient’s operatory or area.


Select a package from the list.


Once package’s content is presented let your patient have the iPad to continue with documents. The patient selects a document by tapping on the document title,


works with the document.


When done with the document, patient taps the Save button, and YAPI goes back to the package content. Note that a visited document will be marked with a green checkmark to indicate it has been completed and submitted successfully.


The patient is done when all documents have green checkmarks.


At this point, all documents are in the patient’s Virtual Document Folder.


  1. is there anyway to make the green arrow persist? If they sign for instance a local anesthetic consent. The NEXT time a patient arrives, the green arrow is gone from subsequent packages the patient may need to sign in the future (form is set as a recurring one – once until changed)

  2. The short answer is “No”. Though YAPI allows you to define a recurring document – a document that is required to be visited and signed periodically (Medical history every 12 months, for example), only once (like general consent), or every time a document was changed (like HIPAA). YAPI remembers that a document was visited. and reminds you next time document is due. It will be interesting to merge this feature with document packages.

  3. Yes, since Yapi remembers that a document was visited, it would be of great help if the arrow was present to show that. We have found it is present until the documents are uploaded to Dentrix document center. Once this occurs, the only way to know if a certain document has been signed is due to its absence on the pending documents list for recurring documents.

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