You can use consent forms that come pre-installed, download forms from or use WYSIWYG Document Design Tool that allows you design your own forms starting with pre-configured layouts and styles.

To view available documents launch Document and Template Manager  by selecting Manage Document and Templates command from YAPI toolbar


Document Manager presents you all type of documents, templates, and forms that you use in YAPI.

To view consent forms click Forms tab.


Forms available for signing and visible on iPad are marked with a check box left to the form’s title.


To change form’s visibility click the box, then Yes button to confirm.


To edit an existing form, click Edit button.


YAPI Document Design Tool looks like and is easy to use as your favorite word processing software.



The toolbar on the top contains options to modify text font and color, change text layout,  insert items like tables, images, links,


insert various interactive elements like text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, selection lists, signature fields, and merge tags.


To create a new document click New button. YAPI will ask you to select layout, style, and default elements for your new form.


Type new document’s content


or simply copy from an existing document. Please note that when you copy text from existing Microsoft Word document always use Paste from Word command


Signing consent form on iPad

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To use a form on iPad, find a patient on Dashboard, invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon  (more on gestures here), select Sign Document option.

Shortcut: swipe left or right inside patient’s operatory or area.


Select document to sign (tap on document’s title)


Once the document is presented, select tooth number from the list and  let your patient to continue with the document.


Patient can scroll and change the zoom while reading; when finished patient signs the document.


At the end patient’s taps Save button to send the document to patient’s Virtual Document Folder.

Once the document is saved it will show up on the Dashboard. Note that the Virtual Document Folder’s icon will change to  documentalertnewdoc indicating that the folder has a new, never opened document. Patient’s document area (bottom-center) will add small document icon a10indicating that the patient has one document.


To view patient’s documents  invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon , select View Documents option.


YAPI presents patient’s Document Folder content.


To open a document, touch-and-hold on a document for a half of second, select Open from popup menu.


You can view, scroll, and zoom the text.


And, finally, add an additional signature if need. To update patient’s  Document Folder tap save button.


From the folder, you can email, air-print, and finally send the document to PMS.


When you select select Send to option, YAPI will prompt you for the document’s category/type and a short note. Tap Send button to complete.


Alternatively on the Desktop, select Virtual Document Folder with the right mouse button down to open folder’s context menu and select Show Documents.


Alternatively, you can click on the area’s toolbar button. documentalert


To view a document select  the document at the left with the left mouse button down,


To send the document to PMS invoke context menu – select  the document at the left with the right mouse button down, then select Move to  command.


YAPI will prompt you for the document’s category/type and a short note. Tap Ok button to complete.


When finishes, YAPI places new document in PMS under selected category.


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