When YAPI Mobile App is not working properly we may need you to send us a Console Log from iPad. Console Log is is Apple’s debug output and tells us exactly what happened under the hood.

You will have to download and install a special Apple app – iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) –  to get iPad Console Log.

For Windows version go here
For OS X version go here

To collect Console Log, connect you iPad to you computer using USB cable. Launch iPCU


On the left,  you’ll have an interface that looks just like iTunes. When you plug in your iPad, wait a few seconds, and it will appear at the bottom of the list, under “DEVICES”. Click on the device name to select it. On the right , you’ll see 5 tabs with info about your device. Select the one titled “Console”.

Start YAPI on iPad and run till you experience the problem you want to report.

In the bottom right hand corner you find a button “Save Console As…”. Click that button to save a copy of the Console Log somewhere on your computer (it doesn’t matter where you save it – just put it somewhere you can find it again).

Finally, send an email to support@yapicentral.com and attach Console Log you just saved.

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