Note: this feature requires version 1.1.823 (or newer) of YAPI Service and version 2.7 (or newer) of YAPI mobile for iPad. Make sure that you have installed latest (as of 5/25/2013) version of PMS plug-in.

Find a patient on Dashboard, invoke patient’s menu – tap and hold on patient avatar (more on gestures here) , select Picture option.


YAPI pops up camera view.

Aim. To zoom, tap the camera view and drag the slider at the bottom to zoom in or out. Tap the camera icon.


Accept the picture by tapping Use button or tap Retake.


Bingo! Patient’s file was updated with the new image.


Note that you may set camera view to be full screen or 1/4 screen size: tap Configuration tab, scroll down to Documents group, and select desired Camera view size.



  1. I bet you are using iPad1 with no camera. YAPI should warn you that no camera is available rather than just quit. It was already taken care in 2.8 which is currently in beta

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