iSimplyConnect provides secure remote access to your office network from iOS devices – iPad, iPhone – enabling YAPI Mobile and YAPI UH to run remotely.


Once you installed iSimplyConnect App on your iPad or iPhone launch it to configure VPN. Before you start YAPI make sure that VPN status icon


appears in iPad/iPhone status area indicating that your device is connected to a remote network via VPN.

To to turn VPN On or Off go to Settings (on iPad) or Settings–> General –> Network –> VPN (on iPhone).


Slide VPN to On



Launch YAPI, go to Configuration tab and set YAPI Service Address to local IP address of a computer that runs YAPI Service in your office (here is how to find this address)



After you changed Service Address push Home button to restart YAPI.


The following error message


indicates that there is no VPN connection to remote network.

Those errors



typically indicate that you entered incorrect YAPI Service Address. Check it out.

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