Wonder what email programs your patients use, what percentage of your patients check your emails from mobile devices?

Each time a patient opens an email sent by YAPI, we keep track on which email program or device  they’re using. Our data show that

– more email is read on mobile devices (44%) than on a desktop email client (21%) or via webmail (30%)


– Apple iPhone is #1 email client


– Apple iPad is #1 tablet


This is comparable to Litmus data showing mobile email representing 43% of all email opens, and iOS devices are in significant lead (Litmus May 2013)

If you aren’t optimizing your emails for mobile devices, now is the time.

Optimize your emails for one thumb, one eyeball mobile use:

  1. Increase font and button sizes
  2. Use single-column design (select Mobile Friendly template in YAPI Email Designer)
  3. Reduce the text by half and focus on valuable content
  4. Test on mobile devices

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