For YAPI app to function it must communicate with YAPI Service installed on your office wired network. In practical terms it means that wireless network your iPad is operated on must be the same network as you wired network or be somehow connected or bridged to it.

Once launched on your iPad, YAPI automatically locates YAPI service on your network. In some cases when your wireless network is separated from your wired network, when your network is slow, or signal is weak YAPI app may fail and will show you an error message


The issue can be resolved by working through the following troubleshooting steps. Note that if this happens occasionally  and is resolved by re-launching YAPI app please read this first.

If only one or few iPads  exhibit the problem while YAPI on your PCs works just fine go directly to step 3.

1. Check whether YAPI Service is running: connect to your server’s desktop, start YAPI Service Manager and check whether Service is running – Start Service button must be grayed out. The best indication that YAPI Service is running is the fact that YAPI on PCs run.

2. Check whether the server that runs YAPI Service has firewall open for YAPI network traffic. More on YAPI interaction with firewalls and network ports used by YAPI  here.

3. Check whether an iPad is connected to your office local area network and is on the same subnet as the server that runs YAPI Service. More on network subnets here. To find IP address assigned to your iPad,

  • Go to Home Screen
  • Tap Settings
  • On the right, tap Wi-Fi. Note the name of the network iPad is connected to
  • On the left, tap the blue arrow beside the network to which you are connected
  • Check the IP address assigned to the iPad,e.g.,

Please note that your office may run multiple wireless networks. For example, many offices now offer free Internet access providing guest accounts for patients. Please make sure that your iPad is connected to the “correct” wireless network that is used to provide secure access to your office wired network, not to a guest network, or other  wireless access point in your neighborhood. Reconnect if necessary and get IP address. To avoid connection to wrong wireless network in the future, tell iPad to forget the network.

Find IP address of the computer that runs YAPI Service. Here is how.

Compare two IP addresses: the IP address for the iPad and YAPI service IP address must have the same first three sets of number, e.g., If the iPad and Service do not have the same first three sets of numbers, your iPad and YAPI Service are not on the same network. In this case please consult with your IT service on how to bridge two network. Typically no new hardware is required and a solution is just a few mouse clicks away.

To verify connectivity, download free app Free Ping from App Store. Type YAPI Service IP address and tap Ping button.

If iPad sees YAPI Service you will see the following result


Otherwise you will see the following screen


4. Once your iPad sees YAPI Service it should operate without a problem. Occasionally we are getting reports indicating that YAPI app is able to locate the server only on the second or third attempt. This article describes the problem and offers good solution.

5. At times, YAPI app finds YAPI Service when operates at a certain location/room but fails at another location. Most likely your wireless network has dead spots. Check this article on how to improve wireless signal in your office.

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