We got a several reports today that YAPI executable YAPIRuntime.exe was flagged as a Win32-Evo-Gen malware by Avast! Free Antivirus.

Unfortunately Avast! Free automatically removes YAPI executable and a Desktop shortcut without  providing any options to the end user. In fact, this incident was reported as a “Missing YAPI installation”

We created a false-positive report and submitted it to Avast! We are expecting this issue to be resolved with the next Avast! update of definitions file.

Meanwhile here are simple steps to avoid this problem:

YAPIRuntime.exe has a tamper-evident digital signature. Open YAPIRuntime.exe properties and make sure that the signature is Ok.

Practical Dental Solutions

Upload YAPIRuntime.exe to  Google service http://virustotal.com that will check YAPI executable using 45+ antivirus engines. Make sure that YAPIRuntime.exe is clean.

Open Avast! settings and add YAPIRuntime.exe to exclusions

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