YAPI Approach to Online Reviews

The popular approach – pioneered by DemandForce – is to create a specialized review site and post patient’s reviews by providing offices with ability to filter out unfavorable reviews.  This works well to some extent since Google+, Yahoo Local show those reviews under “Web reviews” category. Though Yelp doesn’t. Offices like the automated nature of it.

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Configure Secure Email Provider

The HIPAA omnibus final rule includes new requirements that may apply when a patient requests an electronic copy of the patient’s information from a covered dental practice that maintains the record electronically. More here.

As a result of new requirements many dental offices started using secure email providers like ZSentry, DataMotion or MD OfficeMail Crypt-n-Send  when emailing ePHI – electronic protected health information. Both can be configured as  a standalone email encryption service that works along with your existing email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

This article describes how to enable the use of a secure email provider when sending emails in YAPI.

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