With the recently introduced iOS7, Apple has completely revamped the look and feel of its mobile operating system and app designers have been asked to update their app designs to make them compatible with iOS 7.

YAPI Mobile 3.0 adopts Apple’s iOS7 content-over-chrome design principles with flatter, less gradient-rich user interface elements, border-less buttons, translucent bars, and skinny icons.  Please note that while YAPI Mobile 3.0 conforms to the new look and feel of iOS 7, it maintains backwards compatibility with iOS6 and iOS5 so if you are not upgrading your devices to iOS7 you will see no user interface changes.

Look and Feel

Dashboard content now extending to the edges of the screen as shown below


Buttons are now displayed as chrome-less text


Navigation bar icons present new skinny look


You can adjust the bar’s tint


Selection list pop-ups are chrome-less



The following user interface changes aim to improve user experience and were prompted by the feedback from the users rather than changes in iOS7 and are available on iOS7 as well as on iOS6 devices.

Next and Close Buttons on Keyboard

YAPI Mobile 3.0 introduced Next and Close button on a popup keyboard.


Tapping Next button takes you to the next field in the document while tapping Close button hides the keyboard.

To disable this feature go to Configuration and uncheck Add Next Button option.


Dismiss Keyboard With a Single Touch

A single finger touch outside the popup keyboard hides the keyboard.

To disable this feature go to Configuration and uncheck Dismiss keyboard option.


Presenting Selection List in Place of a Keyboard

This convenient option replaces popup selection lists


with  selection lists at the bottom of the screen in place of a keyboard


Here are are other examples



To disable this feature check the Popup selection list option in Configuration.


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