YAPI online forms reduce the time that patients spend in the waiting room and the time your staff spends in re-typing and filing patient forms. Since you have the information before the patient’s visit you can check eligibility and prescreen any medical  issues.

YAPI Online Forms are accessible from your practice website via secure link. Patients filling out forms from the convenience of their own home computer or mobile device.

YAPI Online Forms use responsive design and support devices with  large


and small screens adjusting elements accordingly


Once a new patient form is submitted YAPI Cloud Proxy notifies your office and data is securely downloaded to your office and stored in YAPI Document Queue. Note that YAPI employs Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) to protect sensible information during communication and data transfer and no patients’ information is stored outside your office.

Once patient data arrives YAPI informs office staff by broadcasting the following message.


New patient data is stored in YAPI Document Queue. To open Document Queue, click the Document Queue icon on the top of YAPI Dashboard.


Documents with patient’s data are marked with the documentalert2icon.

To import patient’s data, click on the patient name and select Move data to option.


In the next step you will select a patient which record you would like to update.

Click Search button


then select a patient from the search result, click on the name, and choose Select this patient option.


YAPI opens Patient Information window allowing you to verify patient data. Click Import button to update patient’s record.


Next windows presents Patient Medical History. Verify then click Import button to update patient’s record.


Finally click Yes button to confirm successful data import.


When patient record is updated YAPI removes patient data from the Document Queue leaving just a PDF documents that will eventually end up in your Practice Management Document Center. Please note the change in the document’s icon.


You can leave this document in the Document Queue till patient’s appointment. When the patient arrives and is checked-in YAPI will move this document from the the Queue to patient’s Document Folder


allowing you to view, sign, annotate, and move the document to PMS Document Center.

Depending on your office protocol, you may allow new patient to review his/her information using iPad then update his/her record if necessary.


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