When you gently sprinkle you Facebook page timeline with genuine patient testimonials it will  create a buzz and curiosity within your existing patients and attract attention of their friends and everyone connected to them.

Before you start posting testimonials on your Practice Facebook page, you need to tell YAPI the name of the page.  Open Global Setup, go to Online tab, and enter the name of the page. Please note that this name has nothing to do with the user id, or an Internet address of your page, just the name of your page you want to post testimonials on . All your Pages are listed on the left side under Pages title on Facebook interface.

Check Enable box. Click Save. f1 

To post, open Online Surveys and Reviews window that lists all your reviews. Those that hasn’t been posted yet on Facebook will have a Facebook button on the right.


Select testimonial you would like to post and click the Facebook button.

First time, YAPI will show Facebook Login window.


Enter your credentials and click LogIn button. Please note that YAPI simply hosts Facebook Login widget and has no access of information entered. After successful login you will need to click Facebook button again.

If YAPI fails to find your page, it will show the following message


In typical scenario, you will need to check whether Facebook page name that is correct.

Click the Facebook button and patient’s testimonial appears on your Practice Facebook page. Amazing!


After successful login when you finish with the Facebook and close Online Surveys and Reviews window YAPI will show you Facebook Log Out window.


Click Log Out button to disconnect from Facebook.

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