The popular approach – pioneered by DemandForce – is to create a specialized review site and post patient’s reviews by providing offices with ability to filter out unfavorable reviews.  This works well to some extent since Google+, Yahoo Local show those reviews under “Web reviews” category. Though Yelp doesn’t. Offices like the automated nature of it.

The problem with this approach is that publishing all your reviews on one site and ignoring Google+, Yahoo, Yelp may create a perception that reviews on your site are not telling the whole story.  Imagine: 250 glowing reviews on DemandForce or RateADentist site and none on Yelp. Boring!

Our approach is to identify most satisfied patients, encourage reviews, and facilitate ability to leave a review on a review site of patient’s choice.

So how we do it?

First YAPI enables feedback collection by sending emails to your recent patients inviting to participate in a short online survey.

A survey landing page that a respondent sees upon submitting a survey depends on the level of satisfaction and overall score. When the maximum score is achieved, YAPI presents an invitation to visit online review sites of your choice.


The feedback comes back to your office and is available on your Practice Dashboard for immediate response.  Everybody does it; the difference is in what we do next with those testimonials.  Of course, you can post feedback on the testimonial section of you web site, post via specialized Facebook app on your Facebook page. Additionally YAPI enables you to  post selected testimonials on the FB timeline.  When you gently sprinkle you Facebook page timeline with patient testimonials it will  create a buzz and curiosity within your existing patients and attract attention of their friends and everyone connected to them.

But the main goal is to have patient’s testimonials on Google+, Yelp, Yahoo, or whatever review site patients prefer.

You may have noticed that most of your satisfied patients that enjoy your service and friendly staff every visit simply get used to it and don’t even think about creating a Yelp account to post a review.  Sadly, the only person who is motivated is the one that is pissed off and wants to immediately share his experience.

Second trouble with reviewing online is a hassle associated with it.  You have to have a Google+, Yelp, Yahoo verified account, and be logged in before you can start. On a mobile device – a favorite choice of many – you must use Google Maps or Google+ app that you have to download before posting a review on Google+.  What a hassle!

Our approach is to motivate satisfied patients and remove most of the hassle from the reviewing online process.

You motivate by helping your satisfied patient to understand how important for you their voice to be heard via specially crafted email that you send from the practice dashboard.  It takes a click or two to send a per-formatted email from the dashboard; each email contains patient’s original testimonial so they can simply reuse (copy/paste) the text of it.

To remove most of the hassle an email tries to detect an environment (say, PC, Mac, iOS, Android) and provides detailed instructions on how to get to your review page on a particular device in a way that adding a review feature is enabled. Here is how this email looks on iPhone. Note that there is no need for the patient to type or search


It is also important that every team member be involved in this process. To improve team awareness YAPI shows rating and testimonial for every patient currently in the office. With the single mouse over in Dashboard you can see how this person rates you, see testimonials, find whether person reviewed you online.

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