YAPI Call Me email link allows patients to request a phone callback from a dental office by clicking a link in an email. Unlike other Call Me implementations, this convenient feature doesn’t require patients to fill a contact form and delivers patient’s request along with patient’s contact information to your office in real time – just within seconds after the request. You typically use Call Me link in appointment, recall reminders or any other emails.

To insert Call Me  link, select any text in email template (1) and click Insert Link button (2).


Click Links link (3) and select Call me link option (4). Finally, click Insert button (5).

Additionally you can configure a web page that will be presented to a patient after a Call Me link is clicked. Launch Global Setup, go to Online tab, and enter Contact me landing page information. Please note that once landing page address is saved YAPI will use Google shortened Url (goo.gl) instead of original address.


By default, if no Contact me landing page is defined, YAPI will display Your request was sent message.

When an email is opened in a reader YAPI Call Me link is presented as a standard clickable link.


When a patient clicks on a Call Me link, your office receives a text message


The message is treated as a standard mobile text message including logging


and after-hours handling.

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