To register for Beta please visit the following site

create your TestFlight credentials and join our team.


Once you sign up with TestFlight you will need to register your device with us.

After you successfully registered and have been accepted onto a team, our developers will add your device UDID to YAPI Mobile app, so that you can install it on your device.

You will receive an email through TestFlight, from our developers, with a link to install the build.

Note that before you install beta you need remove current version of YAPI.

To install YAPI Mobile Beta, launch Safari browser on your iPad and go to

Note that you will need to disable Private mode and enable Cookies in Safari prior to visiting above site. You can revert to your normal settings immediately after you finish installation.

On the following screen, login using your TestFlight credentials.


Tap Connect Device


Tap Install


Tap Install Now


Tap Install


Tap Install


Wait till YAPI is installed


Tap YAPI icon to launch YAPI Mobile app


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