New YAPI Dashboard features are available in YAPI 1.1.979 and up

Customizable Sounds for Operatory Alerts

Now you can assign a distinct sound to an operatory alert. In Global Setup, Operatory Alerts tab, click Sound column and select a sound.


Note that if an alerts has both a Provider and a Sound assigned, and a provider has a sound assigned provider’s sound takes precedence.

Multiple Operatory  Alerts

By default, YAPI allows only a single active alert per an operatory .To trigger an alert, click the Alert button on an operatory’s toolstrip menu.


select an alert from the drop-down box, type optional message, and, optionally, assign a provider to an alert.


To cancel an alert, click the Alert button again.

To enable multiple alerts per an operatory, open Global Configuration, go to Options tab, check Multiple alerts box in Operatory section.


When multiple alerts are enabled, clicking on the Alert button may invoke a complex menu allowing you to add new alert, cancel a single alert, or cancel all alerts.


When multiple alerts are active for an operatory, alert’s texts are being scrolled sequentially showing the time¬† an alert is being active along with an alert number and total number of alerts for an operatory.



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