By default, when a patient submits an online form the following confirmation message is displayed.cd1

This confirmation message is fully customizable allowing you, for example, to include a link to the next form along with instructions to follow.


Using customized messages you can chain all your online forms ensuring that a patient visited all required documents.

Here is how to create a custom confirmation message. For example, let’s assume that we want to add a link to the Patient Insurance Information form onto the Patient Information Online form linking two forms together.

Click Setup and Manage button and select Documents and Templates option. Go to Public tab and click Get button. First, let’s get a public link to Patient Insurance Information form: select the form with the left mouse button down, then select Copy public link to this document to Clipboard


While having link on the Clipboard, select the Patient Information Online form with the left mouse button down, select Edit ‘Submit Confirmation’ message.


An editor window pops up.


You can start typing your message. Alternatively you can click Suggest button for the default message. Note if the document has a message already, the message text will be displayed allowing you to modify existing message.


Update the message if needed. To create a link, select a text, then click Insert Link button and paste saved link.


Click Insert button. Finally click Save button.



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