Bad Reviews are Good for Business

Bad Reviews are Good for Business

An occasional bad review isn’t always bad news! When (not if) you happen to get the inevitable bad review, it might make you upset. You try so hard to provide great care for your patients and criticism can be defeating. But you can’t take it personally. Instead, you can use the negative feedback to your advantage.

It’s impossible to please everyone. Patients that leave negative reviews are often not the ideal patients for your practice anyway. It would be nice to be the perfect fit for everyone, but that’s just not realistic. Continue reading → Bad Reviews are Good for Business

Know What People Are Saying About You Online

Know What People Are Saying About You Online

You already know that it’s important to respond to online reviews. Your response not only speaks to the reviewer – it sends a message to anyone else who sees the review. And since your online profile is often where people go to find information about your practice, think of your response as a direct interaction with potential patients!

Responding to reviews quickly makes your practice look good and helps you manage any potential negative feedback. But how do you know when you get a new review? It seems tedious to have to log onto your profile each day to monitor. You are busy and days could go by before you realize you forgot to check. Continue reading → Know What People Are Saying About You Online