What to Know Before Texting Your Patients

How to Ensure Your Texts are HIPAA Compliant

Text messaging is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication for both dentists and patients. Dentistry iQ tells us that automated messaging can reduce no-shows by an average of 80%. Your recall and appointment confirmation processes can become more effective if you utilize text communication.

Many dentists have considered the benefits of this technology but worry about compliance. We’ll give you tips on how to remain HIPAA and TCPA compliant and show you some YAPI features to make it effortless. Continue reading → What to Know Before Texting Your Patients

Communicate With Your Patients Using Emojis

You can now send emojis to your patients with YAPI! Correspond with them as you would text a friend. These visuals help personalize your message to patients… and add a little excitement leading up to their appointment.

Try a smiley  if you’ll see them soon, a thumbs up  if they are on their way or a cake if it’s their birthday month. Check out our handy YAPI Emoji Glossary below. 

YAPI Emojis Continue reading → Communicate With Your Patients Using Emojis

Create the Perfect Reactivation Email

Create the Perfect Reactivation Email

One of the best ways to continue contact with your inactive patients is by email. It allows you to stay in touch without patients feeling like they are being “scolded” for missing an appointment or embarrassed to call the office after so long. Not to mention, it’s cost effective and a great marketing tool!

In addition to sending seasonal greetings and newsletters, you should send targeted email campaigns to overdue patients. It shows you care and want to accommodate them. Often, you can craft your email to include a specific message that addresses why they are skipping appointments. Continue reading → Create the Perfect Reactivation Email

Feature Spotlight: Your Virtual Receptionist

Do you ever have patients call in just to see when their next appointment is? How many patients show up late or miss their appointment because they forgot the time and didn’t call in to double-check?

Even with automated reminders, life is crazy and people can be forgetful. A patient might be confident their appointment is on Wednesday. But wait. Is it this week or next? Probably next week? Just imagine your daily life and you can surely relate to this hesitation. Some appointments are missed by accident! Continue reading → Feature Spotlight: Your Virtual Receptionist

Leave the Paperwork Out of the Waiting Room for an Amazing Patient Experience

Leave the Paperwork Out of the Waiting Room for an Amazing Patient Experience

Does your “new patient experience” require your patients to come in early to fill out several new patient registration forms? This is a common and necessary annoyance that comes with visiting a new office.

Most dentists know that an exceptional new patient experience creates more than a great first impression; it sets the tone for their entire relationship with your office. A good relationship translates into referrals and glowing online reviews. Continue reading → Leave the Paperwork Out of the Waiting Room for an Amazing Patient Experience