7 Steps to a More Effective Patient Recall System

7 Steps to a More Effective Patient Recall; dental-office

Are you bringing in dozens of new patients each month and still don’t have a full hygiene schedule? With that type of patient volume, what gives? You should have more than enough patients to maintain a packed calendar.

The problem is not that you lack patients. It seems that your marketing efforts to bring in new patients are spot on. You are probably providing quality care to generate referrals from happy patients. Instead, it sounds like your current patients are not returning as regularly as they should. Your recall strategy could use a boost. Continue reading

How to Indoctrinate New Patients in Two Steps

How to Indoctrinate New Patients in Two Step; happy-dental-patientIndoctrinating patients to your dental practice will turn a patient who visits for a one-time hygiene appointment into a lifelong evangelist. This has nothing to do religion (aside from language); rather, this involves winning others over with extreme enthusiasm.

What are examples of businesses that have done a great job indoctrinating their audience? Tesla is a perfect example. People talk about how great their cars are without ever having driven one, let alone owned one. Apple computers have wait lines and underground markets for their new releases. These companies have a powerful pull that attracts an audience like honey to bees. Continue reading

Why You Should Stay Away From Images in Email

Why You Should Stay Away From Images in Email

If you are serious about marketing to your patients, you’ve probably created some awesome designs that you are proud of. Maybe you worked with a graphic designer to create a flyer advertising a seasonal offer or a beautiful brochure with photos of your newly renovated office. You’ll want to get the most use out of these materials because they look great and you spent time and money on them.

It might seem like a no-brainer to save the image as a large JPEG or PDF file to include in your marketing emails. YAPI’s integration with MailChimp makes it easy to send email blasts to your patients. It’s quick and cost effective.

This is actually not a good idea, for reasons you may not know. So let’s discuss why including large images in your emails is not recommended. Continue reading