Going Digital with your Routing Slip

What’s all the hype about the Routing Slip?

Routing Slips are very valuable. They help eliminate the need for constant clicking around in a patient’s digital chart by pulling crucial information about your patients from your computer and delivering it right at your team’s fingertips on a single page. It also serves as an essential communication tool allowing team members to pass the information to each other without interruptions. Continue reading → Going Digital with your Routing Slip

Preparing in Advance with Treatment Plans and Consents

When an established patient comes back to your practice, you want to be prepared and eliminate yourself from busy work. Preparing in advance by having all consent forms and treatment plans ready to go will save you time and provide a better patient experience. If you utilize YAPI in your practice you can streamline your workflow and eliminate the time-consuming processes that slow you down. Continue reading → Preparing in Advance with Treatment Plans and Consents

Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software

Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every dentist wants their practice to run smoothly. A well-run practice is the key to keeping both your patients and staff happy. In any given dental office, you will find: staff members who wear multiple hats, numerous patients being seen at once, and phones that ring with no end. We have become accustomed to days like these, which have become the new normal. Continue reading → Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software

How To Respond to Positive Online Reviews



Most of us tend to obsess over an occasional negative online review. We fume about it for days. We complain to our team, our spouse, and anyone who’d listen.

It’s understandable. Negative feedback hurts. We work so hard to take good care of our patients, and we are very sensitive to any criticism that seems unjustified or inflated.

The problem is that while we spend so much energy on an occasional negative review, we often ignore dozens of glowing reviews from our happy and loyal patients. It may be human nature to concentrate on the negative, but ignoring the positive feedback is a missed opportunity to build your online reputation. Continue reading → How To Respond to Positive Online Reviews

Configure PracticeWorks to YAPI Document Center AutoLink Bridge

Since PracticeWorks PMS doesn’t offer a robust document storage that handles multi-page  PDF documents YAPI provides its own Document Center.

Additionally to enabling  YAPI Document Center in Global Configuration you can setup a PW AutoLink that will conveniently open YAPI Document Center for a given patient once you click on Clipboard’s Action button.

Continue reading → Configure PracticeWorks to YAPI Document Center AutoLink Bridge