Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software

Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every dentist wants their practice to run smoothly. A well-run practice is the key to keeping both your patients and staff happy. In any given dental office, you will find: staff members who wear multiple hats, numerous patients being seen at once, and phones that ring with no end. We have become accustomed to days like these, which have become the new normal. Continue reading → Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software

Your Guide to YAPI Patient Alerts

Patient alerts on YAPI are visual cues on the dashboard that serve as a reminder. You can hover over any alert to see more information. For example, the allergy alert is in the form of a red dot. Hover over the red dot a40 and you will see what the patient is allergic to.

Alerts can be automated or manual. Automated alerts are created when YAPI scans the patient’s record looking for specific information such as allergies and medical history. The meaning of some of the most common automated alerts is described below. Continue reading → Your Guide to YAPI Patient Alerts