Leave the Paperwork Out of the Waiting Room for an Amazing Patient Experience

Leave the Paperwork Out of the Waiting Room for an Amazing Patient Experience

Does your “new patient experience” require your patients to come in early to fill out several new patient registration forms? This is a common and necessary annoyance that comes with visiting a new office.

Most dentists know that an exceptional new patient experience creates more than a great first impression; it sets the tone for their entire relationship with your office. A good relationship translates into referrals and glowing online reviews. Continue reading

Configure Secure Email Provider

The HIPAA omnibus final rule includes new requirements that may apply when a patient requests an electronic copy of the patient’s information from a covered dental practice that maintains the record electronically. More here.

As a result of new requirements many dental offices started using secure email providers like ZSentry, DataMotion or MD OfficeMail Crypt-n-Send  when emailing ePHI – electronic protected health information. Both can be configured as  a standalone email encryption service that works along with your existing email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

This article describes how to enable the use of a secure email provider when sending emails in YAPI.

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Using Patient Information Update Form with Dentrix

Dentrix integration module installs several Dentrix specific forms. Unlike YAPI generic forms, those forms are tailored to fit tightly into Dentrix data model and workflow. In other words, those forms collect data that Dentrix is looking for allowing update Dentrix database with just few mouse clicks and without leaving YAPI.

This article provides step by step instructions on how to use Patient Information Update Form and how to transfer collected data to Dentrix database. Continue reading