How To Respond to Positive Online Reviews

Feeling The Love? Don’t Leave Them Hanging.

by Dr Gina Dorfman, DDS

Most of us tend to obsess over an occasional negative online review. We fume about it for days. We complain to our team, our spouse, and anyone who’d listen.

It’s understandable. Negative feedback hurts. We work so hard to take good care of our patients, and we are very sensitive to any criticism that seems unjustified or inflated.

The problem is that while we spend so much energy on an occasional negative review, we often ignore dozens of glowing reviews from our happy and loyal patients. It may be human nature to concentrate on the negative, but ignoring the positive feedback is a missed opportunity to build your online reputation. Continue reading

Prevent iPad From Automatically Connecting to a Guest or a Foreign Wireless Network

If your office has multiple wireless networks – a “business” network that connects to your main network, and a “guest” network that provides wireless Internet access to your patients – you may have noticed that iPad  may randomly jump from your “business” network to your “guest” network. If you are running YAPI you will get an error message “Request times out”,  “Unable to locate YAPI Service”, or a similar message. Continue reading