Going Digital with your Routing Slip

What’s all the hype about the Routing Slip?

Routing Slips are very valuable. They help eliminate the need for constant clicking around in a patient’s digital chart by pulling crucial information about your patients from your computer and delivering it right at your team’s fingertips on a single page. It also serves as an essential communication tool allowing team members to pass the information to each other without interruptions. Continue reading → Going Digital with your Routing Slip

Campaign Filtering With YAPI

Targeting the right patients at the right time is key to a successful marketing campaign for any dental practice.

If you want to step up your marketing efforts for your practice and bring more patients into your doors, you may want to consider campaign filtering your mail blasts. This can be achieved by creating an interest list in your PMS. Your interest list will act as your segmented audience (aka your target market). From there you will be able to upload your interest list into YAPI and create your campaign. Continue reading → Campaign Filtering With YAPI

Take The Bite Out of the Dental Recall

Following up on the past due patients is often the most dreaded, yet an essential task for running a healthy general or pediatric dental practice.

An effective recall program fills the schedule for both the dentist and the dental hygienist and allows our patients to maintain optimal dental health. It also helps you maintain a relationship with them so that they keep coming back and referring others. Continue reading → Take The Bite Out of the Dental Recall

Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software

Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every dentist wants their practice to run smoothly. A well-run practice is the key to keeping both your patients and staff happy. In any given dental office, you will find: staff members who wear multiple hats, numerous patients being seen at once, and phones that ring with no end. We have become accustomed to days like these, which have become the new normal. Continue reading → Debunking objections about Intra-Office Software

Intraoffice Messages: Screen Location, Color, Sound, Timer, Filter, Privacy, Etc.

Intraoffice Messaging  allows rapid distribution of information throughout the office to all team members at once. Messages are usually being sent to all computers and mobile devices that have YAPI running unless a message has an associated destination (operatory/room/device). In this case, a message is being sent only to that operatory/room/device. Continue reading → Intraoffice Messages: Screen Location, Color, Sound, Timer, Filter, Privacy, Etc.