New YAPI Feature: Your Virtual Receptionist

Your YAPI Virtual Receptionist; new-yapi-feature
Do you ever have patients call in just to see when their next appointment is? How many patients show up late or miss their appointment because they forgot the time and didn’t call in to double-check?

Even with automated reminders, life is crazy and people can be forgetful. A patient might be confident their appointment is on Wednesday. But wait. Is it this week or next? Probably next week? Just imagine your daily life and you can surely relate to this hesitation. Some appointments are missed by accident! Continue reading → New YAPI Feature: Your Virtual Receptionist

How to Get More Online Reviews With InstaReview™

Why is it so hard to get online reviews for your practice? Your patients always seem happy and you are confident in your services. So, why don’t you have tons of five-star reviews on online review sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook?

When patients leave your office, the last thing on their mind is to write a review. Even if they are satisfied with their visit, there is little motivation for them to post a review. Yet, it’s the patients who believe they had an awful experience who are compelled to talk about it! Those patients are often looking to vent and leave a negative review the second they get home. Continue reading → How to Get More Online Reviews With InstaReview™