How to Turn Negative Feedback into a Positive for Your Dental Practice

How to Turn Negative Feedback into a PositiveAngry patients seeking an outlet to vent will often head straight to an online review site to share their heated opinion. By capturing and addressing their negative feedback early, you get an opportunity to prevent this negative review from going online.

YAPI’s InstaReview™ feature allows unhappy patients the chance to “vent” before they make up their mind to write a negative online review. This review management feature collects patient feedback while they are still in your office. Patients who are happy with your practice are guided to leave their positive reviews on the sites that matter the most, including Yelp, Google and Facebook. Any negative feedback is sent directly to your practice’s internal platform. Continue reading → How to Turn Negative Feedback into a Positive for Your Dental Practice

Make the Most of InstaReview with Advanced Settings

YAPI’s InstaReview™ feature makes it relatively effortless to get more five-star reviews for your office. It is able to overcome common barriers that often prevent patients from leaving a review by sending an automatic review request via text.

The patient can leave a review directly from the text link on the app that they use most: Facebook, Google+, Yelp or Healthgrades. They will likely already be logged on to one of those apps on their phone. If so, the link will bring them straight to it. If you haven’t yet installed InstaReview™, click here to schedule setup with our Support Team. Continue reading → Make the Most of InstaReview with Advanced Settings

Bad Reviews are Good for Business

Bad Reviews are Good for Business

An occasional bad review isn’t always bad news! When (not if) you happen to get the inevitable bad review, it might make you upset. You try so hard to provide great care for your patients and criticism can be defeating. But you can’t take it personally. Instead, you can use the negative feedback to your advantage.

It’s impossible to please everyone. Patients that leave negative reviews are often not the ideal patients for your practice anyway. It would be nice to be the perfect fit for everyone, but that’s just not realistic. Continue reading → Bad Reviews are Good for Business

Know What People Are Saying About You Online

Know What People Are Saying About You Online

You already know that it’s important to respond to online reviews. Your response not only speaks to the reviewer – it sends a message to anyone else who sees the review. And since your online profile is often where people go to find information about your practice, think of your response as a direct interaction with potential patients!

Responding to reviews quickly makes your practice look good and helps you manage any potential negative feedback. But how do you know when you get a new review? It seems tedious to have to log onto your profile each day to monitor. You are busy and days could go by before you realize you forgot to check. Continue reading → Know What People Are Saying About You Online

How to Get More Online Reviews With InstaReview™

Why is it so hard to get online reviews for your practice? Your patients always seem happy and you are confident in your services. So, why don’t you have tons of five-star reviews on online review sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook?

When patients leave your office, the last thing on their mind is to write a review. Even if they are satisfied with their visit, there is little motivation for them to post a review. Yet, it’s the patients who believe they had an awful experience who are compelled to talk about it! Those patients are often looking to vent and leave a negative review the second they get home. Continue reading → How to Get More Online Reviews With InstaReview™

Your Guide to Online Reviews

Your Guide to Online ReviewsHave you ever used Yelp to find a place to eat? How about to find a veterinarian? If Yelp is your top source to find anything from the best pizza in your neighborhood to a trustworthy vet, you are not alone. In 2015, Yelp had a reported monthly average of 89 million unique visitors.

If you are looking to grow your practice, you must act now to encourage, collect and monitor your online reviews. This can be intimidating if you are new to social media or online review sites. But don’t let fear hold you back from adopting this powerful marketing tool.

Continue reading → Your Guide to Online Reviews