Prevent iPad From Automatically Connecting to a Guest or a Foreign Wireless Network

If your office has multiple wireless networks – a “business” network that connects to your main network, and a “guest” network that provides wireless Internet access to your patients – you may have noticed that iPad  may randomly jump from your “business” network to your “guest” network. If you are running YAPI you will get an error message “Request times out”,  “Unable to locate YAPI Service”, or a similar message. Continue reading

AVG Free May Prevent Patient’s Documents From Being Accessed in YAPI

Currently, there were two reports that AVG Free Edition may prevent YAPI to display and process signed documents. AVG shows Found Luhe.Exploit.PDF.H error preventing YAPI to access PDF document; YAPI consequently  shows error E077.   We were able to upload a PDF file to to prove false positive. Here is full report. Moreover, we haven’t seen this problem when running on computers protected by other than AVG anti-virus software.

Continue reading

How to Minimize Wi-Fi Problems With the iPad

Occasionally we are getting reports concerning Wi-Fi connectivity when YAPI app is unable to locate the server on start up. 15 seconds after the start the app may pop the following error message


When you retry one or two times YAPI is able to successfully locate the service and connect to it. In most typical scenario,  problem occurs when  YAPI is launched on iPad that was idle for a while. Continue reading