7 Effective Patient Education Strategies

7 Effective Patient Education StrategiesFocusing on patient education can increase patient retention and case acceptance, two primary goals for dental offices. Patients who are educated about oral health will value your services and are less likely to break appointments. They will stay on top of recall because they know how important it is to their overall health.

The majority of patients do not have much knowledge about dentistry. The information that they do have likely comes from articles they’ve read or the experiences of their friends and family members. The validity of their sources might be questionable. Continue reading → 7 Effective Patient Education Strategies

3 Peak Times to Send Patient Reminders You Don’t Want to Miss

3 Peak Times to Send Patient RemindersSummer is made for vacations, holiday party season starts in early December and springtime means flowers are in bloom. Did you also know there are peak times you should be reaching out to your patients?

Three specific times of the year are optimal to encourage your patients to schedule an appointment. Step up your marketing efforts and send email blasts and postcards around these times:

  1. Back to school for pediatric offices (end of July or beginning of August, depending on the local school schedule)
  2. End of the year insurance (first mailing in September and second in mid-October)
  3. New Year’s resolutions (early January or mid-February, depending on the message)

Continue reading → 3 Peak Times to Send Patient Reminders You Don’t Want to Miss

Send Appointment Reminders in Spanish

Last week we introduced YAPI’s newest feature: Actionable Notes. In addition to using Actionable Notes to send your patients early arrival reminders, you can also send Spanish appointment reminders!

The concept of our “Actionable Notes” feature is that a simple phrase within square brackets entered in patient notes or appointment notes (in your PMS) will trigger a specific action in YAPI. YAPI will then automatically execute the requested action. Continue reading → Send Appointment Reminders in Spanish

6 Ways to Connect With Your Inactive Patients

6 Ways to Connect With Inactive PatientsMaintaining patient recall is necessary to run an efficient practice. When you bring in new patients, you want to keep them! A consistent and considerately planned recall strategy aids patient retention.

What about those patients who are unreachable and have not come in for an extended period of time? It might seem sensible to dismiss inactive patients to focus on those with recall due. But it’s important to include both recall due and recall past-due patients in your strategy. Continue reading → 6 Ways to Connect With Your Inactive Patients

5 Ways to Wow Your Patients

The 5 Things to do Today to Wow Your Patients

Being remarkable is more than being noticed – to stand out you must truly make an impact on your patients. People expect quality service and treatment when they go to the dentist. Satisfied patients are just that – satisfied. They don’t rave about your practice, write online reviews or refer others.

If you want rave reviews and a lot of personal referrals, you need to create a noteworthy experience worth talking about and remembering. So how do you turn an ordinary patient experience into it something special? Do these five things today to create a lasting impression! Continue reading → 5 Ways to Wow Your Patients

Create a Great Day With Virtual Huddle

Your Guide to Creating a Great Day With Virtual Huddle

What do most successful offices have in common? They start their day with a daily huddle to prepare for a strong execution and to navigate occasional hiccups. A well-orchestrated morning huddle channels great communication between team members, adds thousands to your bottom line and reduces stress.

So why is it that almost 60% of all dental practices don’t have morning huddles? The most common reason is that huddles are unproductive. This is because employees don’t prepare in advance, they don’t contribute, the schedule does not work out and it’s expensive. Continue reading → Create a Great Day With Virtual Huddle