Preparing in Advance with Treatment Plans and Consents

When an established patient comes back to your practice, you want to be prepared and eliminate yourself from busy work. Preparing in advance by having all consent forms and treatment plans ready to go will save you time and provide a better patient experience. If you utilize YAPI in your practice you can streamline your workflow and eliminate the time-consuming processes that slow you down. Continue reading → Preparing in Advance with Treatment Plans and Consents

7 Effective Patient Education Strategies

7 Effective Patient Education StrategiesFocusing on patient education can increase patient retention and case acceptance, two primary goals for dental offices. Patients who are educated about oral health will value your services and are less likely to break appointments. They will stay on top of recall because they know how important it is to their overall health.

The majority of patients do not have much knowledge about dentistry. The information that they do have likely comes from articles they’ve read or the experiences of their friends and family members. The validity of their sources might be questionable. Continue reading → 7 Effective Patient Education Strategies

5 Ways to Wow Your Patients

The 5 Things to do Today to Wow Your Patients

Being remarkable is more than being noticed – to stand out you must truly make an impact on your patients. People expect quality service and treatment when they go to the dentist. Satisfied patients are just that – satisfied. They don’t rave about your practice, write online reviews or refer others.

If you want rave reviews and a lot of personal referrals, you need to create a noteworthy experience worth talking about and remembering. So how do you turn an ordinary patient experience into it something special? Do these five things today to create a lasting impression! Continue reading → 5 Ways to Wow Your Patients