New Year, New Benefits: How to Remind Patients That Their Benefits Have Renewed [Free Email Templates]

New Year New Dental Benefits; renewed-dental-insurance-benefits

A fresh year inspires many people to set new goals and resolutions. A lot of your patients are probably setting healthy goals for 2017 including working out more and eating right. That is why now is a peak time to send them a recall reminder that addresses their oral health.

Preventive dental care may or may not already be on their resolutions list, so give your patients an extra push. Maintaining a fit smile coincides with living a healthy lifestyle. Your patients are already thinking about how to improve themselves this year. Why not start with their teeth? Continue reading

Why You Should Stay Away From Images in Email

Why You Should Stay Away From Images in Email

If you are serious about marketing to your patients, you’ve probably created some awesome designs that you are proud of. Maybe you worked with a graphic designer to create a flyer advertising a seasonal offer or a beautiful brochure with photos of your newly renovated office. You’ll want to get the most use out of these materials because they look great and you spent time and money on them.

It might seem like a no-brainer to save the image as a large JPEG or PDF file to include in your marketing emails. YAPI’s integration with MailChimp makes it easy to send email blasts to your patients. It’s quick and cost effective.

This is actually not a good idea, for reasons you may not know. So let’s discuss why including large images in your emails is not recommended. Continue reading

3 Peak Times to Send Patient Reminders You Don’t Want to Miss

3 Peak Times to Send Patient RemindersSummer is made for vacations, holiday party season starts in early December and springtime means flowers are in bloom. Did you also know there are peak times you should be reaching out to your patients?

Three specific times of the year are optimal to encourage your patients to schedule an appointment. Step up your marketing efforts and send email blasts and postcards around these times:

  1. Back to school for pediatric offices (end of July or beginning of August, depending on the local school schedule)
  2. End of the year insurance (first mailing in September and second in mid-October)
  3. New Year’s resolutions (early January or mid-February, depending on the message)

Continue reading

New Feature Alert: Send Early Arrival Reminders with YAPI

Send Your Patients Early Arrival Reminders

YAPI’s new Actionable Notes feature helps you achieve more by doing less. A simple phrase within square brackets entered in patient notes or appointment notes in your PMS will trigger a specific action. The action will be automatically executed by YAPI.

Currently, our Actionable Notes feature can be used to send early arrival reminders to your patients. There will be more options to come! Square brackets are your secret weapon to trigger Actionable Notes.

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Communicate With Your Patients Using Emojis

You can now send emojis to your patients with YAPI! Correspond with them as you would text a friend. These visuals help personalize your message to patients… and add a little excitement leading up to their appointment.

Try a smiley  if you’ll see them soon, a thumbs up  if they are on their way or a cake if it’s their birthday month. Check out our handy YAPI Emoji Glossary below. 

YAPI Emojis Continue reading

Take Control of Your Schedule

What do you do when a patient cancels their appointment at the last minute? Does this happen frequently in your office? Cancellations and no-shows can cause lost revenue for your practice – never a good thing.

So what can be done? It might seem as though life happens and cancellations cannot be avoided. There are ways to make regularly broken appointments a thing of the past. While unforeseen events do come up that can cause a patient to cancel their appointment, the scheduling coordinator has more power than they may realize. Continue reading

Your Checklist to Preventing Unconfirmed Patients

Your Checklist to Preventing Unconfirmed PatientsWhat do you do when your automated reminders go unanswered? Has your office invested in automation software to make it as easy as possible for patients to confirm appointments? Yet you still have patients that just don’t respond to automated confirmation messages?

This is not completely out of your control. While it is true that you can’t make a person respond, there are things you can do when the patient is still at your office to prevent unconfirmed appointments. Continue reading